Leading Hotel Guest Messaging Platform, Whistle, Has Accomplishing Year

Whistle is the leading Guest Messaging Platform in the hospitality industry, powering real-time guest communication via SMS, Mobile Messaging, Email, and Website Live Chat. Whistle has accomplished massive milestones in both product and reach this past year, including being dubbed as the number-one guest messaging platform in the industry. The company broke all of its own records, and started off the New Year stronger than ever.

In 2018, Whistle:

  • More than doubled the number of hotels and hotel rooms using its platform, in both the independent and branded hotel space.
  • Increased the number of guest interactions through its platform by 200%, resulting in higher guest-engagement rates via messaging.
  • Won the 2018 Guest Messaging Platform Award by HotelTechReport.
  • Expanded its integration suite to include: Quore, HotSOS, WebRezPro, SkyTouch, ClockPMS, and more.
  • Released dozens of major software updates, including an industry-leading opt-in engine to effectively collect guest consent.

“Our hoteliers are increasingly gaining back control of their own guests,” says Whistle CEO, Christopher Hovanessian. “We are able to provide the necessary tools to boost guest engagement first, and drive up guest satisfaction thereafter. The significant improvement in the guest’s experience makes hotels more competitive in their own market and in the broader sense, taking into account the growing threats from third-party technology companies. We want hotels to continue to have the upper-hand, and will explore new offerings this coming year to continuously deliver this advantage.”

About Whistle

Whistle is the number-one rated Guest Messaging platform. With over 85% of travelers carrying their smartphone, Whistle allows Hotels and guest to communicate via SMS Text Messaging and Mobile Messaging pre, during, and post-stay. Whistle enhances customer service through real-time guest engagement, helping boost service scores while streamlining internal communication and operations through team messaging.

For more information, please visit: www.TryWhistle.com