Messaging Proves Vital For Hotels


Guest Messaging Platforms are imperative to today's hotel operations. While the industry has invested heavily in product in recent years, including renovations and in-room technology, hotel service and service technologies still fall short.

Industry trends report that a mere 1 of 26 unhappy guests actually express their issues and frustrations during their stay. By utilizing messaging, hotels can provide an additional channel(s) of communication, dramatically increasing guest engagement. According to a study by Aberdeen Group, "Companies that use messaging achieve a 2.9 times greater annual increase in NPS compared to All Others (12.3% vs. 4.3%)".

Whistle's own hotel partners have seen an average increase of 24% more service recovery opportunities through messaging, directly impacting positive reviews. Additionally, hotels have been able to successfully drive ancillary revenue and streamline internal operations.

About Whistle

Whistle is the number-one rated Guest Messaging platform. With over 85% of travelers carrying their smartphone, Whistle allows Hotels and guest to communicate via SMS Text Messaging and Mobile Messaging pre, during, and post-stay. Whistle enhances customer service through real-time guest engagement, helping boost service scores while streamlining internal communication and operations through team messaging.

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