Whistle Messaging Opt-In Engine

Whistle has mandated its industry leading Opt-In Engine to all customers. As the landscape across messaging and FCC laws/regulations continues to evolve, we felt it was necessary and imperative to provide you with this added layer of liability control. New privacy laws across the nation can potentially put your hotel at risk of a TCPA lawsuit(s), which is why we at Whistle created the Opt-In Engine to begin with. The automated consent collection (i) properly records consent/opt-in from your guests, prior to your messages being sent*, and (ii) automatically blocks your ability to messages guests should they choose to opt-out.

We know this sounds scary, but it’s actually for the better! The most common questions that arise all revolve around viability - How viable will Whistle be now that guests have to opt-in? The good news is, most guests opt-in! Through our analytics, we’ve seen opt-in rates as high as 72%, and opt-out rates around 5% across the board. According to research, this is in-line with SMS Marketing rates in the industry; it also proves another major point — your guests wants to message you!

You can read more about some of the recent and important regulatory changes here:

California - California Consumer Privacy Act “CCPA” (AB 375), effective January 1, 2020.

- https://www.caprivacy.org/

*Consent records are stored by Whistle and can be retrieved under reasonable, necessary events.