Guest Messaging and Customer Service

Messaging is now the preferred channel of communication for customer service, it’s here to stay. Hotels that have been quick to adopt a guest messaging solution have a huge advantage over their competition - it really makes a difference. From higher rates of engagement, to improved TripAdvisor rankings, find out how Whistle has been driving Customer Service.

Great, pre-stay communication creates a positive impression of your hotel and service from the get-go. Your hotel becomes the main point of contact early on, and many guest-related tasks or requests can be completed prior to the guest’s arrival, shortening the check-in process and improving the guest experience.

An increased focus on personalization is a trend we don’t see going away. This is an unchallenged opportunity when it comes to delighting guests. The more data a messaging platform can work with, through integrations, for example, the more capabilities it can provide to hotels to customize interactions. Hotels are beginning to segment interactions with repeat travelers, loyalty members, and guests who have specific preferences. Guests are now being appropriately acknowledged as the unique individual that they are.

Messaging allows your hotel to not only boost guest satisfaction, but also request real-time reviews - both of which have had a tremendous impact on hotels’ scores. With Whistle’s TripAdvisor integration, you can be sure to collect a higher volume of reviews for your hotel.

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