Conversational Messaging in Hospitality Comes to Life with Artificial Intelligence!

Whistle has built its very own, in-house Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML) model for messaging and operational insight. Whistle's team has meticulously created data analyses algorithms and a strong classification program, with predictions in the 90%+ range across the board in every hotel category.

Hospitality is a notoriously difficult industry to tackle, but Whistle has successfully applied its Conversational AI / ML model to all departments. This includes: Concierge, Engineering/Maintenance, Housekeeping, Front Office, Spa, F&B, Security, and more!

With Whistle’s new AI / ML introductions, the application now fully understands guests’ questions and requests, or ‘guest intents’. With this knowledge, Whistle is correctly suggesting or even automatically responding back to the guest. Whistle can also auto-prompt service requests and work orders to internal departments, resulting in quicker guest requests completion times.

Whistle’s AI / ML model continues to evolve, even more-so with direct user input and feedback. The team has recently introduced robust analytical reporting to managers, aimed at provide in-depth operational insight never before seen.