Collect More TripAdvisor Reviews With Messaging

Improve Your Hotel’s TripAdvisor Scores With Whistle


Is your hotel using effective methods to collect reviews from your guests? Perhaps you’ve tried post-stay emailed surveys, or you’ve rigorously trained your team to encourage guests to leave reviews during check-out. Maybe you’ve given up altogether, reacting to reviews as they come in (and hoping that one irate guest forgets about their experience!).

Whatever your hotel’s approach, the importance of TripAdvisor reviews are well documented, as over 74% of guests visit TripAdvisor at one point during their path to booking.* In addition, your hotel’s standing matters, with one study by Siteminder showing that if your review scores are “improved by 10%, the expected number of bookings on TripAdvisor increases by 9% in Europe, and more significantly so in Asia-Pacific, by an impressive 15%.”**

Despite investment in new software, technologies, and initiatives, most approaches to review collection are a nuisance to guests. With so much riding on your scores, it’s wise to invest in a significantly effective method to collecting reviews.


With Whistle, your hotel can leverage messaging as a highly effective means to review collection. How effective? Well, according to a report by Twilio, “[t]he open rate for a SMS is nearly 98%,” and response rates are “only three seconds with an SMS message”. This means that your guests are receiving, seeing, and acting on your message faster than it takes to send an email.***

Whistle conducted an internal case study among United States based hotels who are using Whistle to request and collect TripAdvisor reviews from guests. The results:

  • Click-through rates as high as 76%
  • 21% of guests who clicked-through left a review for the hotel


With Whistle, your TripAdvisor account is integrated and the guest’s account is auto-authenticated. Guests don’t need to sign in or go through any additional steps, they simply leave your hotel a review, and your team is notified right away. What’s even better is that you control when the review message is sent out. Immediately after check-out? The morning of departure? All completely customizable for your hotel.

Try Whistle today and see how we can help significantly boost your hotel’s TripAdvisor scores.



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