How Whistle Utilizes AWS for Reliability and Innovation


Whistle, the number-one rated guest messaging software for the hotel industry, powers hotels around the world with real-time messaging services. With Whistle, hotels can engage with their guests through SMS, Email, and popular mobile messaging applications like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Braden Conn, of the Berlin Encore Hotel, says, “Whistle has been an extremely helpful tool in guest communication and customer satisfaction. Our front desk time spent on the phone has been reduced dramatically due to more communication being done over the convenience of text. The staff at Whistle had always been extremely helpful and quick to respond, not to mention constantly coming out with new updates and features.”

The Whistle platform is currently hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), providing Whistle with the ability to rapidly deploy new functionalities and capabilities. AWS also offers the best reliability for the tens-of-thousands of hoteliers who use Whistle on a daily basis to interact with millions of their guests.

Whistle is also using AWS to make its application smarter, passing these capabilities along to its customers. With services like Sentiment Analysis to detect real-time guest sentiment on property, Whistle can alert hotel managers in the event that there is an unhappy guest on premise. Services like Elastic Search and Kinesis also help Whistle provide powerful analytics tracking across all guest interactions.

Daniel Mostad, of the Asbury Inn & Suites, says that Whistle is, “very intuitive and the AI learning feature is fantastic. We switched from another messaging platform to Whistle for these reasons. In addition, it integrates with our PMS, which makes everything much more streamlined. Couldn't be happier with Whistle.”

Whistle will continue to pursue its passion - bridging the gap between hotel and their guests, while simplifying the experience for everyone involved - while looking to AWS to further elevate its offerings. Schedule time to Try Whistle today.