Whistle + ThinkReservations

Integrated with your favorite tools, Whistle is the all-in-one to streamline front office operations.

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ThinkReservations provides an all-in-one online booking engine, PMS, and channel manager for lodging properties in the small-to-medium size market looking to save time and increase revenue.

ThinkReservations provides a fast, professional, and comprehensive property management system for your business. Dynamic, professional, and easy to use, ThinkReservations offers integrated payment processing, superior support, and direct connectivity with channels such as Booking.com, Expedia, TripAdvisor, and Airbnb. We are dedicated to providing you the tools to make your business more profitable and productive. Are you ready to upgrade to ThinkReservations?


Irreplaceable Automation!

“The integration of these two systems has provided an irreplaceable benefit to our operations. The entire guest journey is now completely automated and contactless, from booking through departure, which results in an elevated experience for our guests, and a reduction in workload for our team.”

Will McQueen, owner of Mansion Farm Inn in Milton, Delaware

Whistle For The New Decade!

I have been inn keeping 21 years, and I started thinking about each decade. When I opened in 2000, people were just starting to use email. By 2010 I went from reservation software, to a web-based reservation system. Now, in 2020, Whistle comes along and takes us to a new level for a new decade! So I hope you young, brilliant minds keep coming up with fascinating innovations for us old innkeepers! I so appreciate all you do!

Nancy Gallimore, Owner, Sand Castle Bed and Breakfast

How It Works

Whistle Dashboard

Step 1

Overview of our capabilities, pricing and identifying your properties needs.

Whistle Dashboard

Step 2

Almost instant, integration with your property management system.

Whistle Dashboard

Step 3

Easy, quick, and stress-free training and onboarding.

Respond Faster. Communicate Better.


Multi-Channel Guest Messaging

Communicate with your guests through the channel they want.

Team Messaging

Streamline internal communication with direct messages or team messages.

Website Live Chat

Give your website visitors a convenient way to chat with your team.

Automated Messaging

Take the work out of arrival, mid-stay, and departure messaging!

Guest Surveys

Send surveys via messaging, collect and review results instantly.


Real-time translation for any guest from any part of the world, or even with your staff!

Analytics & Reporting

Robust in-app and email analytics with Sentiment Analysis, Team Activity, and more!

Machine Learning

Machine Learning & AI powering your Whistle system for a unique experience.

Voice Enablement

Seamless cross-channel guest communication.

Opt-In Engine

Industry leading engine for automated guest consent (opt-in/opt-out).

Automatic & Suggested Replies

Let our system do the work for you!